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Download Office 2019 Home and business and get the most ergonomic and revolutionary Office version !

Choose your home and student Microsoft Office 2019 to enjoy its high efficiency and versatility. Wherever you are, the instruments of your Office 2019 are with you. Office Home and Student 2019 is the right companion for students as it provides a versatile range of features to facilitate readings, email management, and to help compose academic yet splendorous presentations. Below is an overview of the key features of the pack.



Install Office Home and Student 2019 and dig into their new features

Packed with new features and most frequently-requested functionalities, Office Home and Student 2019 will take your experience to the next level. You can create new files, develop your existing ones and save all the changes you make on OneDrive thanks to the Office 2019 cloud-powered feature. No matter where you are, the work is perfectly executed!

Improved writing and reading experience - Office 2019 Home and Student

Office Home and Student 2019 comes with useful features for Word 2019, lifting up both your reading and writing experience. In word 2019, language is no more a barrier for you as it automatically translates your highlighted text to the target language you choose. Needless to say, there is a wide range of languages available. Word Office 2019 Home and Student is no more restricted to writing, it provides you with an enhanced reading experience by offering you the ability to listen to your text. If you want to give your eyes a rest or you are too busy to read your text, Word 2019 reads your text for you.

Easier email management - Office 2019 Home and Student

Microsoft Office 2019 introduced new features in Outlook 2019 to make email management more efficient and effective for its users. You can create your own “Focused Inbox” by separating your inbox into two tabs. You will get your most important in the Focused tab while you get other emails in Other tabs. You will get a notification every time you get a new email on the Other and will navigate easily between both tabs. More shortcuts to make every option accessible in a second. Whether you want to open your emails or your contact, just memorize the shortcuts and save your time.

Advanced presentation features - Office 2019 Home and Student

The latest and updated version of Office PowerPoint, Office PowerPoint 2019 got what everyone is looking and waiting for. You can create dynamic and sophisticated presentations effortlessly using newly-incorporated features like Zoom, Morph and Slide Hyperlinking. A simple click can turn your presentation into a work of professionals without much effort.

Office 2019 home and busines for mac

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